For the first time since its existence in 2009, February 2013 marked the first time Social Media Week took place on the continent of Africa! In Lagos, Nigeria to be precise.


I haven’t been to Lagos in a looooong time but I had the opportunity to travel there again on the event of the Social Media Week and It was a fun, exciting and educative especially being with my best friend to share the whole experience with her. We got to meet leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens who came to learn and share new ideas and information.

We attended eight (8) programs in all listed below:

1. Marketing (Social Media, PR, Branding) As A Tool for Changing Perceptions and Aiding the Development of Africa Hosted by C Moore Media (CMM) International Public Relations

This was about how marketing is crucial in leveraging the opportunities that lay before both Nigeria and Africa as a whole; the strategies to be adopted to attract the attention of national and international media and how to compete on an international level.

Panelists pictured below:


MyselfAt the conference Bestie and INEMA at the conference BestieAt the conference 2

2. Mobilize! Social Media for Social Change Hosted by Girl Effect

This second event discussed social media as a communication medium that has vastly transformed the international aid dialogue, enabling Girls to actively take part in the movement and challenge global leaders to put them on the agenda.

3. @Whatsupafrica Video Blogger Workshop Hosted by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

A popular lawyer-turned-broadcaster and Youtube star, Ikenna Azuike was the host for the day who came to talk about the power of video blogging. I could safely say, this event was the most interesting of all as we all in the audience were split in separate groups and given the direction to come up with an interesting video blog idea. I’m proud as heck ’cause my team won with an idea I came up with YAY!!!

NEMA won a competition Me & Bestie side by side the Open-mouth dude (our coordinator), lol

4. CyberSafety – Combatting Youth Danger in the Digital World

This program was about how the social media community, being a fast growing one, has become a home to some negative minds for hacking and laying snares for innocent people as was the case with a Nigerian girl, Cynthia, who was killed in Lagos by a man she met through Facebook. It gave pointers to how youths can spot cyber crimes that could endanger their lives; it also tells how one can be cyber security conscious.

5. Lost in Lagos, Found on Social Media: Hashtags Discussion

A discussion on hashtags and its hidden advantages

6. Show & Tell: Technology, Data & Transparency

This event brought together technology developers, civil society actors and tech enthusiasts on the new trend of civic apps driving transparency and government accountability; it also was an experiential lab to showcase the different new media tools/apps that allow citizens to engage with government.

At the conference 4 At the conference 3

7. Social Media, Governance & Civic Participation

An online (virtual) program.

8. New Technology in Governance

This had the, Honorable Minister Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, Mrs Mobola Johnson as one of the speakers and EIE Nigeria (Enough Is Enough Nigeria)


It was an interactive session on government initiatives and opportunities for citizens to engage with the government. It preached Transparency, accountability, information sharing, and collaboration are accelerating progress to levels never before seen.


Social Media Week was both educative and fun as we got to meet many people from around the world and get to know them better. Touring Lagos was a good one and i must say, Lagos is a beautiful city. Bestie and I met with some people living on water, we saw beautiful roads, ancient buildings, there was easy transportation system and cheap foodstuffs to buy.

I would definitely love to visit Lagos again… Have you ever been to an amazing city like this? What was it like?

Wonders of Lagos Touring Lagos Touring Lagos 2 Lagos city


1 Comment

  1. Bee

    I’ve been to Lagos before and I agree with you on the fact that its a beautiful city. Beaches everywhere, its really beautiful. Good to know you had fun. Xo

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