Due to the high tension involved in watching the match between my country, Nigeria and Burkina-Faso, I could not watch instead I locked myself in the room and resulted to praying, call me crazy!


I could say the whole of Africa was united yesternight in the spirit of football, and I would be right. My street was literally in unison, all forms of expressions were the same, the hoooooooooooooooooooooooos!!!! and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! and the goooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!!! was in one accord. Any time I hear people scream, I would run to the sitting room, wide-eyed, asking “Did we score? what’s happening?”.

It was a tough match and I can’t help but give kudos to the Burkina Faso players, they were a tough team to play with, it was a fair game, no referee cheating this time like it was the case when Nigeria played with Zambia and when Burkina-Faso played with Ghana.

Its been a long time coming, 19 years since Nigeria last won the cup, I would say God is with us, He has always been and He always will be with us.

The Nigerian football Coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi who was the Captain 19 years ago when Nigeria won the cup, showcased his passion for football through his players, mentoring them all the way, encouraging them in every way possible, giving every push needed till the cup was won.

Immediately the whistled was blown to announce the end of the match, loud sounds of bangers were heard, people ran out to the streets jubilating and talking with people they would normally not talk to.

In the midst of the excitement, we thank God for without Him, the cup isn’t ours.

Congrats to Nigeria, the Champion of Africa!



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