Another BlackSunday In My Dear Country

“Jesus, another bomb-blasts in three different churches in Bauchi state” tobi said while nibbling with her blackberry as we finished the church service today. I didn’t act at all surprised since it is almost a daily occurrence in my country with an extremist group called the Boko Haram, for reasons only known to them, have decided to hunt the country with incessant bomb-blasts causing insecurities in the land.
In my mind, I prayed for God to console the bereaved and we moved on home.
A few hours later, Tobi shouted again, this time like a town crier, hitting the table in front of her “Damn! A plane (DANA AIR) coming from Abuja to Lagos, just crashed in Lagos, on houses, killing 153 passengers, occupants of the houses it crashed on and passersby, mostly children” “Oh my God!” I screamed with tears in my eyes. What a #blacksunday! Jesus what is going on??? What is happening. I felt the pain of those who must have been in the plane. I could just imagine the passengers screaming and shouting while the plane was crashing, I could imagine the look in their eyes, I wondered if they said their final prayers when it dawned on them that they were about to die. I immediately thought of those in those houses probably watching movies, having a good time, sleeping or whatever, not knowing what was coming to them, not knowing today is their last day on earth, and the passersby; I just couldn’t stop crying… This family <= Wife, Husband and three children died in the crash.
Lord! Please take care of them” was all I could mutter, Lord take care of those they left behind.
Somewhere, someplace, a kid is rejoicing that his daddy is coming back from his trip in Abuja, coming home to him in Lagos, a wife is rejoicing her husband is coming back home, a mother is happy to be re-united with her son or daughter again, a husband who had been angry that his wife’s office took her away from him for business, is happy, she’s coming back home to him.
All on this day, SUNDAY. A holy day! Do not they (Boko Haram) have respect for the Holy day? a day set aside for resting and praising God, not resting in heaven, as in death! But resting in your houses in the presence of family, dwelling in the love that radiates from being together with your loved ones.
There’s only so much we can take in this country Nigeria, we’ve suffered so much in the hands of corrupt politicians, extremists causing bomb-blasts occurrences, incompetent air-planes and organisations who see maintenance as a difficult task and wouldn’t mind putting people in danger.
Enough is enough! Its time for peace to reign in Nigeria…



  1. What an agony

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