This is the first time my heart won’t stop pounding fast considering the fact that my mum will soon come around to perform her usual routine eye and body check on me to see if she will notice any symptoms of pregnancy. Why is all this happening to me now? …God why did you mold me with stubborn sand and breathe in me all atoms of stubbornness. This nature of mine has caused me to decline my mother’s advice on pre-marital sex and men but allowed my peers to lure me into the sinful act, telling me “Mary Magdalene, see no virgin dey for dis world again o! omo no dull yourself, fit in and have your fun…” I felt I was in the midst of wise people, I taught my mother was old fashioned and that I knew everything I needed to know which has landed me in this shame! Now, I’m an 18 years old pregnant foooooooooooool, oh! Why me????? My dad, oh my dad. What is he going to do when he finds out, that is, after my mum must have blown the trumpet, How would he react? Can I ever be his lovely daughter again? The hot-tempered man is going to beat the bastard baby out of me. Lord help me!!!!!!! I’m going to bring a massive shame upon my father who has been bragging to his friends that his daughter does not even have a boyfriend, he’s very sure she won’t engage in any form of pre-marital sex and that she’ll marry as a virgin. The foolish boy that got me into this mess has gone far away upon hearing it from me that he is soon to be a father. Can you imagine!!! Just last week, our dog had six (6) puppies and everyone was so happy, we thought the dog might need (TLC) Tender love and care after delivery so we gave it to her to the fullest. We gave it milk, food from nice eateries; we cleaned and over cleaned its cage for comfort. But for me, is it going to be the same? Afterall, I’m going to be having just one baby not six like our dog. I’m very certain I’m not going to get half the love my dog was given, so I’ll be right to say, because of my foolish mistake, our family dog is now better than me. Three months ago when we found out that the dog was pregnant, the whole family got closer to her, we pampered her and even allowed her sleep on our couch whenever she wanted to even if someone was sitting on it before, the person would have to get up because our pregnant dog wants to sit down and if you waste time, she’ll bark at you or even pull your dress so you’ll get down by force. I’m pregnant now but no one is celebrating, I’ve been sleeping and spitting, I’ve even lost my appetite; my mum is looking at me in a suspicious way……what am I going to do now? My friends have all deserted me, some are making jest of me. It won’t be long before my father finds out because the trumpet-blower (mum) is coming at me now as I write this to do her usual body-check routine on me, please help me o!!!



  1. She sure got what she deserves… Teenage is d most crucial time of a young one. This time, parents have to be careful with who they let their kids hang out with. I’m grateful I was always locked up in d house as a teenager.

    • Even though this method might be good, it doesn’t always work out well for everyone…

  2. I really don’t think locking up a child is d answer, having a family altar where u all come to and pray is d solution. Teach ur child in d way she should go so that even when temptations come, she’ll not b able to bring herself to fall.

    • Exactly, instilling wisdom in a child can never be overrated

  3. Hang in there. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through…I know it is so played out but things will get better. I know so many people who are young mothers-especially at my church. Sure, things are rocky in the beginning, but things always work out in the end.

    • I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate your encouragement. I really do hope that things work out fine, I’m shaky and confused right now…

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